Palolem Beach



Hotels, Huts and Guesthouses, Restaurants in Palolem


Regulations in Palolem say that should be no permanent structures on the beach so they are just single and double huts. If you want a permanent structure such as a room or hotel it will be off the beach on the road near by. The few hotel built here are some what of the beach. 




Palolem Beach just 10 years ago was a just another sleeping fishing village but now it is the Beach hut capital of Goa and perhaps the world. Here you can find all sorts of huts, shacks, bungalows, guest houses and hotels. Restaurants, bars beach huts for every taste and budget. Over 500 rooms and 400 restaurants take your picks. Pizza, organic tofu, curry fish perhaps? The palm trees still hold their allure, fortunately they are protected under 'Feni Law.' On average each Goan eat 1.5 coconuts per day! So you'll be hanging your hammock under someones grocery basket.



The night life is some what subdued, with strict noise bans after 11:00pm. To answer the call a 'headphone club' has been started Saturday nights at Neptunes Point.

Palolem is crescent shaped and offers a bay teaming with fish


and the occasional dolphins. Keep an eye out early in the morning, look just out from the beach you will soon see a dolphin jumping.

The front beach huts always cost more. Everyone want to be right in front of the beach, but you should notice there is usually a restaurant underneath or near by.

There are four areas of Palolem:

  • North end of the beach-Across the river a few places have cut down the mangroves you find Ordo Sunar and Cozy Nook

Getting to Palolem: The railway station

is near by Canacona Station but the Major station is Margao about 45 minutes drive.



Changing money: There is a town not far away Chaudi has a few local restaurant an ATM, bank and even a cake shop. Zoom out of the map and see location.
  • Main Beach from the Road marked by famous Drupadi Restaurant (must try.)
  • After Palolem comes some small rockey area with a few budget places, Columb Beach. The next beach after Palolem is Patnem Beach.


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